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How we ensure equality, diversity & inclusion throughout our recruitment process

Our mission is simple, users would be crazy to transact anywhere other than Car & Classic - it's the safest, fastest way to buy and sell classics with the greatest choice in the world.

But in order to achieve this, we need the best people. People who come from an array of backgrounds. We all come in different shapes & sizes, with different beliefs, body parts, colours, and abilities.

We're passionate about building a truly diverse and inclusive workforce with equal opportunities for all. That's why we've introduced countless measures to make this happen.

Job Descriptions

All of our job descriptions are reviewed to remove all types of bias. This includes gender, age, ethnicity, ability and affinity. We also make sure they are easy to read for our target audience too.

Diverse Interview Panels

Throughout our process, you'll get to meet a range of people that you'll work with regularly. We'll do our best to make sure the people you meet will also come from an array of backgrounds.

Fair Evaluations

We use individual evaluations in our recruitment system, these are hidden from our colleagues so that our opinions don't influence others.


All of our Talent Acquisition team have been trained in detecting and understanding "unconscious bias". Being aware of this means we can remove it from the process.

Reasonable Adjustments

When applying, we'll ask you if you need us to make any adjustments during the recruitment process so that we can give everybody a fair opportunity.

Reporting & Metrics

We're always looking for ways to improve our equality, diversity and inclusion strategies. This is why we have surveys and constantly monitor data to make updates and improvements.

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